Giving Back

Giving Back to Our Community

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Giving Back to Our Community

At Suncrest Wealth Management, we understand that not everyone out there is as fortunate as us. This is why we believe in the importance of giving back in whatever way we can. We do this in a number of ways, including partnering with nonprofits in our area to hold charity events and fundraisers. If you’d like to learn more about our events, reach out to us. Or, if there’s a local charity you think is in need of our support, you could reach out to us about that, too. We’d be happy to look into it.

At the moment, Suncrest Wealth Management supports the following causes:

We donate to help fund Gospel Rescue Mission, which provides basic needs like shelter, food, and clothing to those experiencing homelessness, as well as employment and housing programs. Since their founding over 80 years ago, they’ve been fighting the epidemic that is homelessness by providing basic needs to those who’d otherwise be without them, and providing support to help people who’ve lost everything rebuild their lives.

Furthermore, we also donate to Exact Sciences to fund Cologuard, taking steps to help individuals affected by colon cancer. Their goal is detecting cancer in its early stages in order to help the afflicted fight it.

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Learn more by attending one of our educational dinner seminar events. Or, give us a call so we can talk with you at a one-on-one meeting.
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